Obama Is Infecting Christian With Ebola To…

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    You won’t believe how the Pentagon described last night’s bombing of Syria

    http://twitter.com/#!/jimsciutto/status/514402977202061312 OMG. This is really what they’re going with? Sources called Syria strikes "shock without the awe." —Ed Henry on Fox — Evan McMurry (@evanmcmurry) September 23, 2014 "It was shock...

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    Airline wi-fi complaint prompts HealthCare.gov mockery from Obama ally Kal Penn

    http://twitter.com/#!/jonfavs/status/408659311754100736 Jon Favreau, a former director of speechwriting for President Obama, complained that the wi-fi connections on his flights haven’t been working as the airline promised (that sound so familiar). Actor Kal...

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    MTV star nails Pres ‘Optics’ for golf after Foley beheading with brutal truth

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